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Editable Treasure Hunt Clue Templates - Customize and Personlize

These Editable Indoor Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues are the perfect printable if you want to host a Treasure Hunt but don't know where to start or don't have the time to pull a great game together.



Delivered straight to your email inbox



Once the payment has been processed you will get an automatic email giving you access to the Treasure Hunt Clues kit as a printable PDF.


Generic clues means less work for you

Some sets of clues are ready to be played in a regular home, some for backyards, some for neighbourhoods - and there are more locations being added all the time.



Print & Play today

printable treasure hunt clue pdfs

You'll print the PDF, at home or at a professional printers, and hide them as per the hiding reference. When they are ready to play, the seeker(s) are given the first clue which leads to clue 2, and so on until they reach the treasure at the end. You can also hide treats with the trail of clues to make it extra exciting for them.


Options to Customize and Personalize 

You will also get an automatic email from inviting you to edit the clue templates online where you can do the following:

  • Personalize with their name(s)
  • Customize for your property/location by changing the clue answers so they lead to different hiding places.  
  • Create your own clues using the blank templates.
  • Change the clue numbers - useful if you want to create a game for teams or swap out a clue you don't love with one of the extra clues provided.

Lots of Options

Browse below or get in touch if you want advise about which set will work best for you.