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About OpenChests

Welcome to, the place where you can find Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunt Kits you can print and play today.

Whether you're planning a special event, organizing a party, or simply seeking an exciting activity for friends and family, has what you need.

We have a large selection of Riddle Clues, Puzzle Clues and code-breakers with kits created for every age group.

Once you place your order you will receive 2 emails.  One, from, giving you a PDF file of the kit with generic hiding places, and a second email from, inviting you to edit the templates if you wish.

Choose from a wide selection of Puzzle Treasure Hunt Clues


With our collaboration with, you can get creative and edit each clue so that it becomes a more personal experience. Customize the clues and maps to use special hiding places on your property.

Treasure Hunts you can set up in your Backyard

All games sold have been designed so they are easy to set-up. Easy to follow Instructions are included so you know what to do and if you do decide to customize the clues or maps there are guidelines to make the job easy.

Treasure Maps you can Customize


Our streamlined process means you can host a Treasure Hunt today adventure today. 

Massive selection of Riddle Scavenger Hunt Clues


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