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About OpenChests

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for thrilling treasure hunts and unforgettable adventures!  Whether you're planning a special event, organizing a party, or simply seeking an exciting activity for friends and family, has you covered.

Using our automatic email delivery system, you can start their quest right away.

Choose from a wide selection of Puzzle Treasure Hunt Clues


No more generic hunts that don't quite fit your surroundings. With our collaboration with, you can unleash your creativity and make every clue a seamless part of your treasure hunt experience. Edit the clues and maps to match the layout of your property, ensuring a truly immersive adventure that showcases the best hiding places you have in mind.

Treasure Hunts you can set up in your Backyard

Imagine the excitement of your participants as they follow carefully tailored clues that lead them through the nooks and crannies of your unique landscape. With and, the possibilities are endless.

Treasure Maps you can Customize

Experience the convenience of instant access as we deliver high-quality PDFs straight to your email. Once your payment is processed, everything you need to set up and host your treasure hunt will be at your fingertips. No more waiting for delayed shipments or proofs!

You will edit the templates on Corjl.comYou will edit the templates on


Our streamlined process ensures that you can embark on your adventure today, immersing them in the excitement of unraveling clues and uncovering hidden treasures. 

Massive selection of Riddle Scavenger Hunt Clues


Are you ready to host a great Treasure Hunt? Choose from our wide range of themed clue sets, select your preferred level of challenge, and let the exploration begin. brings the joy of treasure hunting right to your doorstep, minus the wait.

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