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Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues for every ability and event

Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues

Whether you're planning a fun adventure for young kids or a challenging quest for teens and adults, we have a diverse range of riddle treasure hunt clues to suit every occasion. Dive into our selection and discover the perfect set of clues for your next treasure hunt!

Our Traditional Riddle Treasure Hunt (above) has 20 riddles that you might remember but will be new to younger players.

Our Ultimate Riddle Treasure Hunt (below) has over 100 Clues:

  • Simple Rhyming Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues: Perfect for younger kids, these easy-to-follow rhymes make treasure hunts fun and accessible.

  • Indoor Treasure Hunt Clues: Ideal for home-based adventures, these clues turn any indoor space into a treasure-filled landscape.

  • Outdoor Treasure Hunt Clues: Take the excitement outside with clues designed for gardens, parks, and playgrounds.

  • School Treasure Hunt Clues: Engage students with educational and entertaining clues perfect for classrooms and school grounds.

  • Park / Playground Treasure Hunt Clues: Enjoy the great outdoors with riddles crafted for public parks and playgrounds.

  • Traditional Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues: For those who love classic brain teasers, these traditional riddles are a great choice.

  • Holiday-Themed Treasure Hunt Clues: Add a festive twist to your treasure hunts with our Christmas and Halloween-themed riddle sets.

At, there are lots more Riddle Scavenger Hunt to choose from.  Each will be delivered to your inbox today and each one comes with the option to edit on We have everything you need to create unforgettable treasure hunts that are fun for all ages. Explore our collection today and let the adventure begin!