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Challenging Christmas Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues. Tricky Scavenger Game for Tweens, Teenagers and Adults.

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Tweens, Teenagers and many Adults you know might not easy to buy presents for but if you plan to purchase gift cards or give money as presents this Christmas you can still show how much you care by giving them a ready-made Treasure Hunt to reveal their hidden gift. This Challenging Riddle Treasure Hunt Clues Printable is an easy way to make special Christmas memories with low stress for you. And it's not just an idea for gift cards, the matching gift tags mean you can leave gifts of any size at the end of the treasure hunt.

The included QR version of this game makes it the perfect challenge for anyone who loves their phone which they might just need anyway!

⏳ Gameplay: 30-45mins, depending on how much experience the hunter has with riddles and how devious you are with the hiding places.
🌶 Difficulty: Somewhat spicy! The clues are riddle clues and 10 are not straight-forward rhyming clues but real riddles that require abstract thought or may require research assistance from Google.
🧒 Age: 10yo to 99yo (as a guide)
👥 Number of players: 1-5 working as a team
📍 Location: A home - but you can edit for use in other locations
📧 Delivery: Automatic Email. Please check the email address on your Etsy account is correct and if paying via ApplePay please send me a message with your email address.
💻 Ease of Editing: Yes! you can edit these clues online using your free invite and the text riddles are very easy to edit. Check out the demo to see what you think...
Due to their nature, the QR codes cannot be edited but you can always upload your own QR codes as images.


Also - check out the sample QR code clues in images now with your phone. Android users will need to use a (free) QR Code reader app, but the camera in iPhones can read them automatically.

This Christmas themed, riddle treasure hunt consists of twelve challenging riddles and gives you lots of options; You can go for the quick-setup generic version of the clues, you can opt for the QR code version of the clues, you can create your own clues or you can do a mixture of all three and create a truly memorable and personal treasure hunt experience.

In addition to receiving the 12 generic text clues and the 12 QR code versions as PDFs directly to your inbox, you also get access, via, to customise the treasure hunt yourself. No software downloads. No waiting for proofs.

The seeker is given the first clue which, when solved, will lead them to the second clue, which leads to clue three and so on until they have made a snowman from clues and reach the treasure at the end.

The QR version contains the same riddles as the text version. The riddles can be accessed by using a phone or tablet to scan the QR code. Android users will have to download an app - but there are lots of free QR code reader apps available to them. iPhone users can just scan using the phone's regular camera.

• An email from OpenChests with a PDF version of the text clues and the QR code clues for you to print. This PDF also includes a handy hiding place reference - so you know where to hide each clue.
• These clues have the standard hiding places as per the images in this listing.
• A second email from giving you access to the clues for you to personalise and edit to your needs.
• You will also have access to blank clue templates, small gift tags, medium gift tags, matching envelopes perfect for giving Gift Cards or Gifting Cash, Special ending keepsake messages that you can edit. Once you are happy with your edits you download the PDF files and print, either using a home printer or using a print-shop.
• Create up to 4 sets of clues for up to 30 days.

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