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The Treasure Trove Blog

Who was Charlotte Badger? - Open Chests

Who was Charlotte Badger?

A powerful woman to be feared by those who tried to control her or a hapless victim and scapegoat? There is much mystery surrounding Charlotte Badger who has been given...

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Treasure Hunt Party Music Playlist - Open Chests

Treasure Hunt Party Music Playlist

Set the atmosphere and evoke feelings of excitement and suspense with this collection of Treasure Hunt Theme songs and music I created on Spotify.   It includes Orchestral music from famous...

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Forrest Fenn's Real Treasure Hunt - Open Chests

Forrest Fenn's Real Treasure Hunt

In his cryptic poem, The Thrill of the Chase, Forrest Fenn dropped clues as to the whereabouts of this hidden treasure and inspired adventurers and treasure-hunters to go searching for over...

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Who was Granuaile? - Open Chests

Who was Granuaile?

Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen of Ireland, a.k.a. Granuaile was not a woman who believed her place was in the home. The brave woman led her private army of 200...

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