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This set of code-breaker and puzzle clues will be a great Spy Party Game and has been designed to be played by 2 sets of teams.

The hiding places, where you should place each clue and the keys, are available in the area outside most homes (check out the listing images for full details) but this is a flexible set that gives you options. The clue templates are all editable on which will allow you to tweak it for your chosen location

The seekers are given the first clues which lead to clue 2, and so on until they reach the treasure at the end. This game has been designed so that the teams collaborate along the way by swapping the keys that are needed to break the codes. For the final clues, each team will have half of the clue and half of the key and will need to come together to know where to look for the 'Treasure'.

On Corjl you will also be able to edit clue templates, matching gift tags, start mission and folders.

⏳ Gameplay: 45-60mins, depending on how tricky you make the hiding places
🌶 Difficulty: The puzzles and riddles require some thinking but they are intended to be fun and the game should flow pretty well
🧒 Age: 10yo to 99yo (as a guide)
👥 Number of players: 2 sets of teams with 1-5 working as a team
📍 Location: The area outside a home or a neighbourhood. But the clues are editable and you can create your own clues too so you can make it fit any location.

Spy or Detective Mission | Treasure Hunt for 2 teams


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