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You should host a real Treasure Hunt!

Did you know I sell Treasure Hunt Games? Here's a small sample to give you an idea of what's available.

Free Rhyming Scavenger Hunt Riddle Clues for Home

For a fun Treasure Hunt experience, you can't beat rhyming riddles. 


Free Treasure Hunt riddles for around the home 

Look around your home and you will get lots of good ideas of where to hide your trail of clues but if you need some inspiration here are some riddles that will work in most homes.



Window Riddle
On something made of glass,
There is a clue.
We look out during the day,
When it lets the sun shine through

light switch good scavenger hunt riddle hiding place

Light Switch Riddle
You should get this next one without help or aid. 
You switch it on for light and off for shade.

refrigerator_good riddle for scavenger hunt
Refrigerator Riddle

At finding clues you’re pretty skilled. 
The next one is where we keep things chilled. 


cup scavenger hunt riddle hiding place

Cup Rhyming Riddle 
Move quickly now and don't give up
Until you find a clue hidden in a cup



Pantry / Food cupboard Rhyming Riddle
You’re getting close to your reward 
The next clue is hidden where food is stored.


shower_treasure_hunt_hiding place_riddle 

Shower/Bath Rhyming Riddle
The next clue you will soon have seen 
If you go to the place where you might get clean.



Washing Machine Rhyming Riddle
Next to a place where laundry goes,
Suds and bubbles give us clean clothes.


Toothpaste Treasure Hunt Clue hiding place

Toothpaste Rhyming Riddle
Now it's time to make haste,
For your teeth, there's a special paste.



You don't need to write out these rhyming riddles for your scavenger hunt or format them into clues on your computer!


All the work has been done for you.  This set of Indoor Scavenger Hunt clues that you can edit to fit your location and personalise to make a really special experience. It has all the clues above and more!!    


And you'll get lots more inspiration here, here and here.

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