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Shopping Day Treasure Hunt Clues - What a great idea!

Shopping Day Treasure Hunt Clues - What a great idea! - Open Chests

When Elizabeth approached me wondering if I could help with her Treasure Hunt idea I immediately wanted to help.

Shopping Treasure Hunt for women



She wanted a fun set of clues for a Shopping Trip to surprise her friend with on her birthday.  I was already working on a set of riddle Clues for use in a Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt but Elizabeth had a different twist in mind.


In a typical Treasure Hunt, players find and solve a trail of clues until they reach the Treasure at the end. In a Photo Scavenger Hunt, players take a photo as evidence that they have found an item. But Elizabeth wanted something a bit different.  She was planning a day of shopping and pampering and wanted a set of clues to reveal her surprise plans to her friend through-out their day. I loved the energy Elizabeth was putting into making Tammy’s day special and I was delighted to help out.


Shopping Treasure Hunt Clue 1 - Elizabeth printed my clues and placed them in a set of cute greeting cards which she then also decorated with her own personal touches


Elizabeth took the Treasure Hunt Clues I created and made them extra special by placing them in a set of cards she bought and using her cricut to jazz up the inside. I love seeing customers take what I’ve started and really making them their own. The best Treasure Hunts are personal ones!


Elizabeth makes the clues her own

Elizabeth mailed the first clue to Tammy revealing that she would be going on a Treasure Hunt to celebrate her special day and gave her the time and date of their appointment at a Salon. On the day, she met her friend there with balloons, a big smile and a stash of clues in her purse.


Tammy meets Elizabeth at the Salon



They had a full day! Salon, Lunch, Shopping, shopping, drinks and more shopping.



And the treasure at the end? A fancy dinner, with their families waiting with the menus of course. 


What a nice way to make a special memory and for people who like scrapbooking and saving mementos the first and final clues make lovely keepsakes.

If you want to organise a similar day you can order the clue templates here and make them your own by mentioning the places you want to visit and the activities you plan to do.  As well as marking Birthdays it would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or a Bachelorette day idea.

Once your payment has been processed you will receive an automatic email from inviting you to edit the clue templates online. No software needs to be downloaded by you – you do it on the internet.  Check them out here.

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