Treasure Hunt for Teens - cell phone QR codes option

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This vibrant Indoor Treasure Hunt Clues set is perfect for Pre-teens, Teenagers or any Adult that loves their cell phone. There are 2 versions provided to you, a regular printed text version and also a QR code version of the same 10 clues. Setting up this scavenger hunt is easy as it comes with a handy hiding place reference guide and a set of instructions. It even includes an extra clue template should you want to extend your hunt or substitute an unsuitable clue.

The clues themselves are the form of riddles, puzzles and code-breakers and is recommended for age 11+ (approximate age).

In this game the first treasure hunt clue is handed to the seeker(s) and leads to clue number 2 - and so on, until all 10 clues and the treasure have been found.
You might like to use it to reveal gifts at Christmas and Birthdays or other surprises.

After purchasing, you will automatically receive an email giving you access to 3 PDFs;
3 page PDF containing the 10 printed clues, an extra clue template and a hiding place reference;
3 page PDF containing a QR code version of the clues, an extra template and a hiding place reference;
1 page PDF of set-up Instructions and Hints to give the seeker, should they need them.

*No physical items will be shipped.

The clues in this set are not editable.

To test how the QR codes will work, scan Clue 1 in the images of this listing to see how it will bring you to an online version of the clue. iPhone users can turn on the camera and hold it over the QR code on the screen. Other smartphones may need a QR code reader app but there are many free versions available for download.

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• The color of the final printed product may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

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