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Printable kits you can print and play today! Delivery via Automatic Email

These outdoor Editable ice cream-themed Puzzle, Riddle & Code-breaker Treasure Hunt Clues are the perfect printable for getting them active outside this summer. It's ideal for older kids, teens and even adults. Check out the listing images to see what you'll get if you purchase this printable kit with customisation options.


Hide the trail of 12 puzzle and code-breaker clues and enjoy watching them find and solve each to reach the treasure (their party bags or another surprise).


Once the payment has been processed, you will get an automatic email giving you access to the Treasure Hunt Clues kit as a printable PDF.


The original clues will work in most backyards and gardens
You'll print the PDF at home or a professional printer and hide them as per the hiding reference. When they are ready to play, the seeker(s) are given the first clue, which leads to clue 2, and so on, until they reach the treasure at the end. You can also hide treats with the trail of clues to make it extra exciting for them.


You will also get an automatic email from inviting you to edit the clue templates online, where you can do the following:

- Personalize with their name(s)
- Customize for your property/location by changing the clue answers, so they lead to different hiding places.
- Create your own clues using the blank templates.
- Change the clue numbers - useful if you want to create a game for teams or swap out a clue you don't love with one of the extra clues provided.



an automatic email from OpenChests giving you a PDF file containing the following:
- Set up instructions with Hiding Place reference card
- 12 code-breaker, puzzle & riddle clues (3 per Letter/A4 sized page)
- 3 extra clues: swap out clues or extend your treasure hunt
- blank clue templates if you wish to add your own clues
- matching gift tags
- out of bounds poster - to show players areas that are off-limits.

2. a second automatic email from inviting you to edit the following templates within 365 days
- All 15 clue templates - you can add and edit text and add images
- Extra blank templates - in case you want to swap out a clue or extend your treasure hunt even more
- No Trespassing Poster
- matching gift tags
- envelope and message - great option for gifting cash, gift cards or an invite to the ice-cream parlor


• the PDF will print easily on "letter-sized paper" on a home computer. A4 paper will work well too.
• The color of the final printed product may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

• Please do not share, forward or redistribute in any capacity.
• Not for resale.
• All sales are final due to the nature of the product.
• You get access to the templates on for 365 days, and you get 20 downloads of each clue template.

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Delivery & Customization

Email delivery

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive PDFs of everything you need via automatic email. No shipment delays!

You can customize on

For no extra cost, you can also edit the templates on Once your payment has been cleared, you will receive a second email from inviting you to edit the clues/map template you purchased.

Each kit has a link to an editing demo that you can try out before you place your order.


How long to I have to edit the templates on

To prevent the designs from being exploited for commercial use, there is a 30-day expiry on the templates on Please reach out if you need more time.

How many different sets of clues or maps can I create and download in

For maps, you can create and download as many different maps as you wish within the 30 day window. For clues, you can customize and download 4 times. Again, reach out if you need more downloads. It's just put in place to prevent the bad guys!

Do you offer a print and ship service?

I am currently not offering this service. If you purchase you will receive the printable kits as PDFs via automatic email. You can then print at home or bring the file to a professional print service.

Can you customize the kits for me?

If you have an idea for a theme, then let me know and depending on my workload, I might take on the project.

If you are trying to customize on and feel stuck or overwhelmed, please get in touch, and I'll try to help - most people find the editing process fairly easy.

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How Editing Works

If you choose to edit the Treasure Hunt Templates, here's how it works.

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