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Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests
Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests
Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests
Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests
Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests
Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests
Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet - Open Chests

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Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet

This creepy treasure hunt is a great scary game for Halloween or can be used all year round if there are Older Children, Teens or Adults in your life that like a bit of a scare or have a fascination with zombies. If using this game around Halloween, as a party game or as an alternative to trick or treating, you might like to leave a stash of Halloween treats with the final note. If using it for a birthday surprise reveal, you could leave a gift at the end.

A writer has been recently infected and knows they will become zombified. As someone with a once-good soul, they want you to capture them before they can infect others but as the infection takes over, their willpower drains and they become conflicted - are they really just leading you into a trap?

They are losing their humanity as they become more zombie-like and quickly lose the power of speech - but can still write in rhyme. The clues they leave have been scratched out on pages they have ripped from their beloved books - some first editions!

As a guide, I don't recommend this game for anyone younger than age 10+, not that it will be too difficult for them but because it mentions dead bodies and killing. Suitability largely depends on how sensitive the child is.

Once you have printed and cut out the clues you're almost done. You hide the clues as per the 'hiding reference' and when ready to begin you give the first clue to the seeker. Check out the images in this listing to see the full set of hiding places in the original set of clues.

When they solve the first clue, the seeker will be able to find clue 2. Clue 2 leads to Clue 3 etc until all the clues and the final note from our poetic friend has been found.

For no extra charge, you receive access to edit the clues online. This means if there's a clue that won't work for your location or you want to make it really personal you can get as creative as you want.

Once your payment has been processed you will automatically get the following:

1. An email from giving you the following:
• a 14 page PDF of the 10 original clues, the hiding place reference (so you don't lose track of what clue goes where) and 2 extra blank clue templates.

• a 9 page PDF of posters and signs. There are 'zombie area' and 'zombie-free zone' options which will help you mark out which areas are in the game - a useful addition if you are using the game for a party and don't want your kid's friends searching in your private things.

• 1 page PDF of instructions - just in case you need a refresher closer to the time you set up.

2. An email from Corjl giving you access to edit the clues text online.
• this gives you the option to edit the clues if you wish to personalise and customise
• no software needs to be downloaded - it's all online and pretty straight forward.


• download your clues as PDF files
• save & print

• To print at home make sure your print settings are set to print letter-size (standard for home printers), double-sided if you want to have backs on the clues, single-sided and only print odd page numbers if you don't. A4 works fine too.
• The color of the final printed product may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

• Access to editing is for 30 days from date of purchase
• For personal (non-commercial) use only.
• Please do not share, forward or redistribute in any capacity.
• Not for resale.
• All sales are final due to the nature of the product.
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Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet