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Indoor Birthday Treasure Hunt Clues Printables

Funny Birthday Treasure Hunt Clues

Treasure hunts are a great way to make someone feel extra special on their birthday.  They make an exciting party game or can be used to build up excitement before revealing the birthday presents.

Organising a Birthday Treasure Hunt might seem daunting, especially if you haven't done it before but with these sets of pre-made Treasure Hunt Clues, creating a birthday scavenger hunt is not difficult. 

Easy set up
All these treasure hunts have been created with busy people in mind - my clues are carefully created so that the hiding places are generic to nearly every home. 

The process is automatic
Once your payment has been processed you will receive your clues as a zipped PDF file via email. so once you print off the file you can immediately cut out the clues and hide them.

These treasure hunt clues sets are also customisable. You will also receive a second email from giving you access to edit the clue templates allowing you to personalise, change hiding places to ones that work better for you, extend your treasure hunt by adding extra clues and even change the order of the clues if you wish.