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OpenChests - Helping you create Personalised Treasure Hunts

Offering you Treasure Hunts what are generic enough to fit your location and giving you the option to edit them if you want.


When I started making Treasure Hunt games and selling them on Etsy I offered just generic PDF versions of games that would fit in most homes.  These were fun and feedback was good but I wanted to give more options.


openchests editable treasure hunt clues etsy shop


Now, I use to allow you to customise the clue templates online. The powerful editing tool allows you to make a truly personal Treasure Hunt. editable Treasure Hunt Templates

The Treasure Hunt Clues and Treasure Map Templates I make are generic so that if you are short of time, you can still create a great experience while also making them user friendly to edit. 


OpenChests Treasure Hunts are both generic enough that they will work in most Homes or Backyards but also give the option to edit hiding places and personalise with the names of players!


I love hearing about how people take what I've created and really run with it. They end up making something I cannot do for anyone but my own family and loved ones - a truly personal Treasure Hunt experience.

The best Treasure Hunts are both memorable and evoke memories of happy times and I encourage you to get as creative as you can with the hiding places. 

Here's a few ideas to oil the gears in your brain.

  • Grandma's favourite cup
  • The place where Jay drew on the wall
  • Jeremy the plant
  • The item Sarah played at the concert
  • Where we mark your height


There is always something to celebrate on the horizon...

As well as general, Just-For-Fun Treasure Hunts, you will also find seasonal clues and maps here.

ChristmasWhen we are stuck indoors a treasure hunt is a fantastic way to inject some extra fun into the season of joy.

EasterThe maps are popular with younger players while Tweens and Teens enjoy the puzzle Easter Hunts

Valentines - A personalised Treasure Hunt will be appreciated more than any shop bought card.

Birthdays - Great as party games leading to favor bags or as a fun way to give gifts to the Birthday girl or boy.

Vacation Reveals - Treasure hunts are such a fun way to reveal the location of a planned trip

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