Zoom Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers - Open Chests
Zoom Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers - Open Chests
Zoom Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers - Open Chests
Zoom Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers - Open Chests
Zoom Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers - Open Chests
Zoom Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers - Open Chests

Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers

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Tweens, Teenagers and many Adults you know might not easy to buy presents for but you can still show how much you care by giving them this challenging Treasure Hunt to reveal their hidden gift. This Treasure Hunt Clues Printable is an easy way to make special memories with low stress for you. The seeker is given the first clue which, when solved, will lead them to the second clue, which leads to clue three and so on until they reach the treasure at the end.

For the QR code version, the clues can be accessed by using a phone or tablet to scan the QR code. Android users will have to download an app - but there are lots of free QR code reader apps available to them. iPhone users can just scan using the phone's regular camera.

⏳ Gameplay: 30-45mins, depending on how much experience the player(s) has with riddles and code-breakers and how devious you are with the hiding places.
🌶 Difficulty: Somewhat spicy! With the exception of the first warm-up riddle, the clues are not straight-forward rhyming clues but puzzles and code-breakers that require abstract thought.
🧒 Age: 10yo to 99yo (as a guide)
👥 Number of players: 1-5 working as a team
📍 Location: Many indoor locations, home, school, hotel or hospital - but you can edit for use in other locations
📧 Delivery: Automatic Email
💻 Easy Editing: Yes! you can edit these clues online using your free Corjl.com invite. The text riddles are very easy to edit but if you want to change a QR code clue you can upload your own code and upload it as an image. Check out the demo to see what you think...
Due to their nature, the QR codes cannot be edited but you can always upload your own QR codes as images.


Also - check out the sample QR code clues in images now with your phone. Android users will need to use a (free) QR Code reader app, but the camera in iPhones can read them automatically.

In addition to receiving the 10 generic text clues and the 10 QR code versions as PDFs directly to your inbox, you also get access, via Corjl.com, to customise the treasure hunt yourself. No software downloads. No waiting for proofs. This gives you lots of options; You can go for the quick-setup generic version of the clues, you can opt for the QR code version of the clues, you can create your own clues or you can do a mixture of all three and create a truly memorable and personal treasure hunt experience. The QR version contains the same clues as the text version provide.

• An email from Etsy with a PDF version of the text clues and the QR code clues for you to print. This PDF also includes a handy hiding place reference - so you know where to hide each clue.
• These clues have the standard hiding places as per the images in this listing.
• A second email from Corjl.com giving you access to the clues for you to personalise and edit to your needs.
• You will also have access to blank clue templates, matching envelopes perfect for giving Gift Cards or Gifting Cash, Special ending keepsake messages that you can edit. Once you are happy with your edits you download the PDF files and print, either using a home printer or using a print-shop.
• Create up to 4 sets of clues for up to 30 days.

*No physical items will be shipped.

Treasure Hunt Clues for Teenagers


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Delivery & Customization

Email delivery

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive PDFs of everything you need via automatic email. No shipment delays!

You can customize on Corjl.com

For no extra cost, you can also edit the templates on Corjl.com. Once your payment has been cleared, you will receive a second email from Corjl.com inviting you to edit the clues/map template you purchased.

Each kit has a link to an editing demo that you can try out before you place your order.


How long to I have to edit the templates on Corjl.com?

To prevent the designs from being exploited for commercial use, there is a 30-day expiry on the templates on Corjl.com. Please reach out if you need more time.

How many different sets of clues or maps can I create and download in Corjl.com?

For maps, you can create and download as many different maps as you wish within the 30 day window. For clues, you can customize and download 4 times. Again, reach out if you need more downloads. It's just put in place to prevent the bad guys!

Do you offer a print and ship service?

I am currently not offering this service. If you purchase you will receive the printable kits as PDFs via automatic email. You can then print at home or bring the file to a professional print service.

Can you customize the kits for me?

If you have an idea for a theme, then let me know and depending on my workload, I might take on the project.

If you are trying to customize on Corjl.com and feel stuck or overwhelmed, please get in touch, and I'll try to help - most people find the editing process fairly easy.

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