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Indoor Treasure Hunt Clues - Codes & Ciphers

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With 12 code-breaker & cypher puzzles, this set of Treasure Hunt Clues will surely keep the brain-teaser fan in your life engaged and entertained. It can be used to make gift-giving a memory they will cherish for Birthdays, Easter, Christmas or even for an alternative Halloween & Thanksgiving Tradition. If you are looking for a treasure hunt that is a bit challenging then this is a great option.

⏳ Gameplay: 45mins, depending on how tricky you make the hiding places
🌶 Difficulty: They will have to do a little thinking but there are keys provided for all of the codes and if there is a clue that you don't think will suit them you can leave it out and re-number the set on
🧒 Age: 9yo to 99yo (as a guide)
👥 Number of players: 1-5 working as a team
📍 Location: A home - but you can edit for use in other locations
📧 Delivery: Automatic Email
💻 Ease of Editing: Yes! you can edit these clues online using your free invite. Some clues can be edited by changing the font type and some require you to work backwards from the key. You have the option of omitting them and re-numbering the remaining clues, replacing them with clues you create from the blank clue templates and I'm here to help if you need me. Check out the demo to see what you think before you buy...


a 14 page PDF file containing the following
- Brief instructions on how the set of clues should be used.
- 12 treasure Hunt clues that include the decoder keys. They include a picture hint at the top of each clue and the name of the cypher or code in the hint section.
- 3 extra blank clue templates, in case you want to create your own clues to swap out ones from the set that won't work for you or if you wish to extend your treasure hunt.
- a hiding place reference so you can keep track of where to hide everything.

• the PDF will print easily on "letter-sized paper" a home computer. A4 paper will work well too.
• The color of the final printed product may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

• Please do not share, forward or redistribute in any capacity.
• Not for resale.
• All sales are final due to the nature of the product.