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Home and backyard Birthday Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

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With 16 puzzles, codes and riddle clues this set of Treasure Hunt Clues will surely keep the Birthday Star entertained on their special day and make gift-giving a memory they will cherish. The puzzles and riddles are engaging but not too difficult and are recommended for age 7+.

a 10 page PDF file containing the following
- 16 treasure Hunt clues - double-sided with cute birthday doodles on the back,
- a sweet message to leave at the end,
- 2 extra blank clue templates, in case you want to create your own clues to swap out ones from the set that won't work for you or if you wish to extend your treasure hunt.
- a hiding place reference so you can keep track of where to hide everything.

• the PDF will print easily on "letter-sized paper" a home computer. Choose the double-sided setting if you want to print the back and front of the clues. Choose single-sided and print just the odd pages if you don't want backs.
A4 paper will work well too.
• The color of the final printed product may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

• Please do not share, forward or redistribute in any capacity.
• Not for resale.
• All sales are final due to the nature of the product.