How to create a fun Treasure Hunt in minutes


Indoor Treasure Hunt for in your home 

This Indoor Treasure Hunt Clues printable comes with 10 ready-made rhyming clues with hiding places available to most homes. 

Fun Birthday Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent option for first-time treasure hunters. The clues were created for this to be a lighthearted activity ensuring the player(s) has fun and feels like a winner. Their confidence grows as they keep solving and finding clues until they reach the final hiding place, and the treasure, their gift, is revealed.

the quick generic option

 The good news for you is that it will take just minutes of preparation on your part. Download the PDF file and print it. Cut out the clues and hide them and the present as per the handy hiding place reference.

access to edit templates to customise

If one or two clues in the set don't fit your home exactly, then that's not a problem; in addition to receiving the generic clues straight to your inbox, you will also receive a second automatic email from giving you access to edit all of the clues online. You can also add extra clues using the additional templates, renumber the clues and personalise by adding the seeker's name or hiding locations special to them.


Outdoor Treasure Hunt for backyard and area surrounding your home

If you would prefer to set up your treasure hunt outdoors, then this set might be what you need. It also contains 10 rhyming clues that are ready to be hidden in places available to most backyards and areas around homes and is great for small teams of friends. 

Outdoor Treasure Hunt Clues Printable

As above, you will get two automatic emails; one with the generic clues as a PDF file; and a second email from giving you access to edit and personalise your treasure hunt. A fantastic option if you need to tweak things or want to get extra creative.


Indoor and Outdoor Treasure Hunt for your home and backyard

If you want a slightly longer treasure hunt then this set, with 16 ready-made clues is a great option.

Outdoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards


Outdoor Treasure Hunt for in a Playground 

More rhyming treasure hunt riddles but this time they are ready to be hidden in a playground setting.  

Playground Birthday Treasure Hunt Ideas