Free Treasure Hunt Clues Printable - A Very Irish Treasure Hunt

As many of us are restricted to staying indoors at the moment, here's an activity that bored, young people might enjoy. It should get their bodies moving and get cogs in the ol' noggin turning.

Click here to download the zip file bundle and print off the clues (1-sided printer setting).

Set-up is straight forward; you just need to cut out the clues and hide them as per the grid in the instructions provided. 


You can leave any 'treasure' you like in the final hiding place or you can you use the Certificate and/or gift tokens in the bundle. 

Age: roughly age 7-199

Location: any home, school and even hotel rooms - the hiding places are generic.

Time to allow: at least 1 hour.  If you feel they might find that too long then don't use all the clues. 

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