7 Halloween Games for the Whole Family (Play Indoor or Outside)

7 Halloween Games for the Whole Family (Play Indoor or Outside)


halloween games printable easy to set up

About 2000 years ago, the Celts who lived in the areas that are now the UK, Ireland, and northern France, used to celebrate their new year on November 1st, as it was considered the end of summer, the time to celebrate the harvest and the start of the dark and cold winter.

The long, dark, cold winter didn't just damage the crops and cause hardship to  human lives, but the celts believed that in this season, ghosts of the dead come back on earth.

The roman Empire Conquered most of the Celtic territory by 43 A.D. In their ruling period, they combined two Roman festivals and Samhain, a Celtic traditional tradition in which people used to wear costumes and light bonfires.

In the 8th Century, Pope Gregory III entitled November 1st for honoring all saints day, and after some time, it adopted some of the Samhain traditions. First, it was known as All Hallow Eve and later became Halloween.

The arrival of Halloween in America:

Halloween was only commonly celebrated in Maryland and the southern colonies. In the mid of the 19th century, America received millions of Immigrants from different parts of the southern colonies, and the popularity of Halloween increased Nationally.

Halloween In America Today:

Today, Halloween is a community-centered festival celebrated through different parades and huge Halloween parties, many indoor and outdoor games.

Games for Halloween:

There are many amazing indoor games that you can enjoy with your friends and children but Openchest.com has some fresh alternatives for you. These fantastic printable games, with easy set up can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, with your friends, family and are perfect for making Halloween memories.

Cute Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues for younger kids:

Cute Halloween Trick or Treat alternative Treasure Hunt younger kids

This first Treasure hunt (scavenger hunt) clues game contains 13 rhyming riddles that are perfect for the Halloween for all ages but it's a gentle game with a low scare rating making it most suitable for very young children or older kids who hate to be scared (hands up - that was me as a kid). This is a printable game that can be played in almost all the homes using the standard clues or any location, and the riddles are very engaging and fun to solve. 

The riddles are not extremely difficult and can be played for children age 5+. The seeker needs to solve the first clue to find 2nd clues with a treat, and the same format goes until all the clues and treasures have been found. This is a lovely alternative to trick or treating. 

If the hiding places don't fit your location perfectly, no problem - you have the option to edit the clue templates online for free.


Creepy Treasure Hunt Clues - Zombie Poet:

creepy treasure hunt for older kids and teens

This is a creepy and horror game that is perfect for older kids and teens this Halloween and can also be played at any other time of the year as well. It's a fantastic game for all ages of people who like zombie stories and being creeped out.

The Concept of this game:

The story takes place in a city where a writer gets infected, and he knows he will become a zombie very soon. He's a good person and wants to get captured before they infect others, but the infection takes over their willpower, and they become more and more conflicted. It possible they might be leading you into a trap.

They've lost their talking ability but can write in rhyme, so they have left clues on their beloved books' pages.

These riddles aren't that hard, but since they include words like dead bodies and killing, this game is recommended for kids age 10+.

This game is played in the same format as the previous one, a treasure hunt, where you can leave treats along the way with the hidden clues or leave a stash of goodies at the end.


Halloween Alternative -Trick or TreatsMap:
Halloween trick or treat alternative at home map

If you are looking for a trick or treating alternative this year then this home and backyard map printable is another fun and easy way to go.  With diverse images available, this game can be played in backyards, gardens, playgrounds, and neighbourhoods.

The game is versatile enough for you to add your images to make it more personal. Use this treasure map to find treats in different locations and leave the big stash of candy treasure at the end.


INDOOR Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues - Ghost Story:

ghost story halloween treasure hunt game for older kids

This a Ghost story and treasure hunt game that can be played at home and editable to play on any other location. The game consists of 10 rhyming clues that describe a chilling story. To get to know the next part of the story, you need to find the next clue, and each clue leads to the next one until you find the treat. This fantastic game can be played in any home, and if you want to play it in a different location, you can do it as well by editing the hiding places.


OUTDOOR Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues - Ghost Story:

outdoor halloween treasure hunt game outdoors for older kids

This is the same story as the previous item but the hiding locations are for outdoors with places that are common to most homes and neighborhoods.

Again, like all the previous items, the game can also be edited to play in different locations as well. All the rhyming clues some part of the horror story, and to hear the next part; you have to find the next clue.

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