What is a Treasure Hunt anyway?

Posted by Karen Kelly on

So, you like the idea of planning a Treasure Hunt for a loved one's birthday, to celebrate valentines as a Christmas Party game or just as a fun screen-free activity? But you're not sure how to go about it, or even what a Treasure Hunt is exactly. Keep reading. You've come to the right place.

In a standard Treasure Hunt, the seeker(s) is handed the first clue and maybe a set of instructions. They solve the clue which tells them where the next clue is hidden. They solve this second clue which tells them where clue 3 is and they continue until all clues, and the treasure has been found.

Treasure hunts rock! And most people, adults and children, enjoy them, once they can embrace the notion that 'failure' is ok and sometimes we don't get things right straight away. Sometimes we need to ask for help.

You can probably tell, I love treasure hunts, and I love making treasure hunt clue sets and putting the scavenger hunt lists together. I hope you find as much joy in setting them up and watching your loved one enjoy them as I have in creating them.

They are so much fun; there's the satisfaction of solving the clue in your hand, the excitement finding the next clue, how that excitement grows as the Hunt progresses. And then, in the end, the joy at finding the treasure.


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